Discover a Simple 60-Minute Process Used by Top Professional Songwriters to Add Punch & Power to Any Song and Turn a Flawed First Draft Into a Hit
So You Can Go From a Notebook Full of Unfinished Drafts to Releasing 
Powerful, Polished Songs on a Regular Basis
Dear Songwriter,
Let me guess:

You finished writing your song…

But you feel like something is missing.

It all seems to be there – the melodies, lyrics, chords…

But you know deep down that it’s simply not “the one”.

It won’t make you puff up with pride when you play it for your friends.

It won’t make your listener dance to it alone in their room, sing it at the top of their lungs, or cry to it when they are going through a tough time.

It won’t give you your big breakthrough and kickstart your career.

It’s just “good”.

And “good” will not make your dreams come true in this business.


Don’t Toss the Song Just Yet!

I’ll Let you in on a little secret:
The difference between a song that tops the charts for weeks and one that never gets recorded is smaller than you think.

Sometimes all it takes is a minor tweak or a slightly different angle to breathe new life into a song and instantly turn a dud into a gem.
See, we run a 5-star recording studio called Supreme Tracks.

And we see this happen all the time:

A client comes to us with a draft they are not happy with, contemplating scratching the whole thing and starting over… 

But then we make a few simple changes that add ‘magic’ to the song and turn it into something they are excited to record and perform.

We’ve done this more times than we can count at this point.

And now you are about to discover how to do the same.

But first, you need to understand this:

Songwriting Is a Two-Part Process

(But Most Songwriters Skip the Second Part)
See, songwriting is a combination of CREATIVITY and CRAFT.

You need CREATIVITY to come up with an idea and create that first draft.

But you also need CRAFTSMANSHIP to polish that initial idea and turn it into a finished song people would actually listen to.

Now, if you are reading this…

Chances Are That You Don’t Lack Creativity.

You probably have a notebook or a folder full of great drafts.
…But they are just that, DRAFTS.

You get a spark of inspiration…

Write a beautiful melody or chord progression…

But Then You Get Stuck!

Next thing you know, you are staring at the draft for days on end, aware that it’s missing something but struggling to figure out what exactly.

Then, after a while, you just give up and start over.

Or worse yet, release the first draft and get disappointed.

Sounds familiar?

That’s all because you haven’t mastered the second part of the equation:

You don’t have the craftsmanship to turn that initial spark of creativity into a finished song.

…And until that changes, you will keep hitting the same wall, struggling to figure out what it is that your songs lack to go from “good” to “great”.

The solution?

You Need to Stop Writing
And Start Rewriting

Think about it this way:

You don’t WRITE a great song.

You only WRITE a first draft and then REWRITE  it into a great song.
So if you finished writing a song and you are not happy with it…


That means that you are on the right path.

Let me put it this way:
We’ve been in the business for more than 10 years now.

And NOT ONCE have we decided to go with the first version of the song.

Why? - Because REWRITING is where all the magic happens.

It’s during the process of rewriting that we come up with the best ideas and give the song that PUNCH and POWER it needs to seduce the listener.

Don’t get me wrong, having the creativity to come up with the initial idea for a song is essential. There’s no song without that.

But rewriting is the single most important songwriting skill if you want to be able to create amazing songs on the professional level, consistently.

And once you master it, your career will take off.

You Could Be One Rewrite Away From Creating a Song That Will Change Everything!

I can promise you that somewhere in that notebook there’s an idea for a song that could become a hit and turn your life around.

…And you are just one round of editing away from making it happen.

Just imagine…
You hit “PLAY” after a couple of hours of editing…  

You hear the new version of your old song… 

And you realize that it's THE ONE.
  • The one that will get you offers from record labels and big-time artists.
  • ​The one that will win you prizes in songwriting competitions.
  • ​The one that will generate royalties for years.
  • ​The one that will put you on the map.
That’s the best feeling in the world.

And the exciting part is, you could be just one rewrite away from it.

So How Do You Do It?

How do you take the first version that’s “not there yet” and turn it into something that will make you jump out of your chair when you first play it?
There are two ways to go about it.

The first way is to wait for that moment of divine inspiration.

You know the drill:

Listen to countless songs, try to figure out what sets the great ones apart, and hope that it will magically “come to you” when you least expect it.

That’s the way 99% of songwriters work.

The old way.

Unfortunately, it rarely works.

You probably realized that by now.

That “eureka” moment usually doesn’t come.

And sitting around, waiting for it is a waste of your time and talent.

Luckily for you, there’s a better way.

We Partnered With a Highly Regarded NYC Songwriter to Create a Foolproof Method ANYONE Can Follow to Turn Imperfect Drafts Into Great Songs

Her name is KATE FERBER and she’s one of the most talented songwriters we’ve ever worked with.

She holds a music degree from New York University and has over 20 years of songwriting experience - that includes working closely with names like John Mellencamp, Desmond Child, and T Bone Burnett.

After writing (and rewriting) so many amazing songs, she was able to turn this chaotic process into a simple, repeatable step-by-step method that removes all the guesswork and mystery from rewriting and gives you the exact blueprint you can follow to turn a draft into a finished song.

This new approach to rewriting will not just transform your recent songs, but also kickstart your songwriting career as soon as you start using it.

…And you’ll be able to finally overcome that one last obstacle, take your songs from "GOOD" to great, and create your big breakthrough.



Download the Workbook PLUS Video Lessons, Case Studies, and Real-World Examples for Just $97!
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Here’s How It Works

Think of your current draft as the first layer of a mine 

…And underneath is the gold - the song’s true potential.

Well, this method is the shovel that will help you dig it out.

The Rewriting Method consists of a series of prompts with thought-provoking questions. They are designed to put you in a creative place where it becomes obvious what your draft is missing and how you can improve it.

There Are 5 PROMPTS in Total:


AESTHETIC PROMPTS that will help you zoom out and remember what inspired you to become an artist in the first place. You will use these big-picture ideas to fuel your rewriting session.


THEME PROMPTS that will help you figure out what’s the theme of your song. You want your theme to be everywhere in your song - every lyric, every line, and even in the music itself.


CHARACTER PROMPTS that will help you clarify the players in your story. Remember - When we’re writing a song, one of our tasks is to build a world. And the way your listeners see this world is through the voice and eyes of your characters.


STORY PROMPTS that will help you create and tell an engaging story in your song and take your listener on a journey through the world created by your Theme and Characters. All the best songs tell a story and end in a different place than it began.


TECHNICAL PROMPTS that focus on fine-tuning the structure of your song, length, accents, and other rough spots to make sure that it’s polished.

If You Take 60 Minutes to Go Through These 5 Prompts and Give Your Honest, Raw Answers...

You Will End Up With a Better, More Powerful Song Every Time

Imagine you were trying to find something in a big, old basement that’s completely dark - no windows, no lightbulbs, no nothing.

…And then someone hands you a flashlight.

Well, that’s exactly what using this method feels like.

All of a sudden, you are able to SEE everything.

You no longer have to think or analyze or force anything.

It becomes so obvious what your song lacks and how you can fix it.

…And by the time you are done, you have a completely different song.


Here’s What Other Top Songwriters Say About Kate and THIS Method


“To turn something complex into something simple is to master it- and Kate at Supreme Tracks has managed to do just that with this workbook. It’s super easy to use and improvements are identifiable immediately. Highly recommend to all aspiring songwriters out there!”
- Benj Pasek, GRAMMY, Oscar, 
Golden Globe, Tony-winning songwriter


"Kate Ferber and I worked extensively together for several months and she was a constant source of musical and personal joy, energy, and excellence. She’s one of the good ones. The best, even."
- Eric Bazilian, 
GRAMMY-nominated songwriter


“Kate Ferber at Supreme Tracks has developed solid songwriting and rewriting methods, and it shows in her work and her collaborations.”
- T Bone Burnette, GRAMMY, Oscar, 
Golden Globe-winning producer/songwriter


"Kate’s songs are a perfect spring afternoon — bright, breezy, and joyful. And her vocal arrangements shimmer with soul. I could listen to her sing all day.”
- Dean Sharenow, 
GRAMMY-winning producer



Download the Workbook PLUS Video Lessons, Case Studies, and Real-World Examples for Just $249!
Delivered Instantly. Start Rewriting in the Next 2 Minutes.

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Again, You Could Be Just One Rewrite Away From Your Big Breakthrough!

You owe it to yourself to at least try.

Get The Rewriting Method.

Play around with it for 60 days.

Go through the prompts.

Do some rewriting.

…And see what happens with your songs.

In the absolute worst case, you will realize that it doesn’t work for you and you’ll get your money back that same day.

In the best case, it will change the way you write forever and you will start creating amazing, professional songs on a regular basis.

Either way, you can’t lose.

The only way to lose is to not try.

…And live another year with unfulfilled potential.

It’s Now Your Responsibility to Unleash Your Full Potential and Share Your Gift With the World!

It’s not your fault that you’ve been struggling to turn your ideas into finished songs. You didn’t know how. You didn’t have the blueprint.

But As Of Today, It’s Your Responsibility To Start Doing It.

Because now you know how it’s done.

And you have a chance to learn it from one of the best songwriters you’ll ever meet - without leaving your room or risking any money.

It’s all in your hands now.



Download the Workbook PLUS Video Lessons, Case Studies, and Real-World Examples for Just $97!
Delivered Instantly. Start Rewriting in the Next 2 Minutes.